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Reinvent your agency by changing your approach to new business. This seminar will give you the best and latest techniques to win more new clients.

Each seminar is limited to a small number of agencies so there can be individualized attention to each firm’s needs. Most seminars have a wide range of marketing communications disciplines represented, including advertising, media, public relations, design promotion, interactive, direct marketing, research and multi-cultural. The next seminars are:


The seminar runs from 9.30AM to 4.15PM preceded by breakfast from 8.45-9.30 (lunch is also provided.) REGISTER USING THE PULL-DOWN MENU ABOVE. The price for the seminar + 45 days of individualized consulting is $850 PP with discounts for additional people.




What you’ll get from the seminar


An up-to-the-minute status report on the new agency marketplace: how it’s changing, where it’s headed, how it will impact your firm and what you should do about it.


A detailed summary about what clients really think and feel about their agency partners; what they like and don’t like; and what they look for when they conduct reviews. (This is based on interviews with over 700+ marketing executives.) You get recommendations/action plans for how your agency should evolve to take advantage of those client needs and dissatisfactions.


A summary of what the most innovative firms are doing to restructure to adapt to the changing MarCom agency marketplace.


Several new services you can add to increase agency income.


How impending changes in the television medium will disrupt the dominance of the 30-second commercial and, in turn, shake up the agency world.


New techniques to prospect for new clients more effectively:


How to market your firm to become distinct and interesting vs. the 6,200 other MarCom firms in the US.  As a group we’ll generate specific communications strategies and content relevant for your firm and identify brand architecture solutions to make it easier for clients to “buy” your agency services.


How to build an intelligent prospect list: setting the optimum number of firms; determining the right decision-makers to communicate with; identifying which prospect database sources to use and how to use them effectively; and the impact of business agency growth objectives on prospect selection. We’ll go through the step-by-step process of creating the list using online database resources.


A totally new way to communicate to prospects to lift agency awareness using email they actually will want to read: how to create the right content; methodology for enhancing readership; how to use the readership data to identify who to contact to get face-to-face meetings. This approach will enable your agency to develop awareness/relationships with 300+ prospect decision-makers with minimal expense and staff time required. We’ll go through the actual online mailing process and how to identify specific prospects that read your email communications.


Approaches for using social media effectively; building followers fast; using video; creating multiple Facebook follower sets.


Techniques for making your agency web site a more effective selling platform. Specific recommendations for making the home page more inviting; creating a relevant and interesting intellectual property section; making the creative section stronger; how to present your client list more effectively; better ways to showcase key people.


Multiple strategies for getting “first meetings” with prospects so the relationship development process can advance: who to contact; how to break through; what to offer; who to send; what to say; what not to say; and how to generate future meetings over time.


Methods for getting press visibility consistently so you’re contacted for your “comments” by publications the client decision-makers actually read.


Ways to get noticed and considered by agency search consultants; what criteria they look at; how to position yourself to them.


New techniques for how to pitch to win:


Approaches for crafting better responses to RFP’s so you make it to the next round more often: when not to respond; what makes an agency submission stand out.


New methods for creating more interesting and engaging new business presentations that will increase your win rate: how to beat agencies much larger than you; techniques for effective “closes;” optimum pitch team composition; rehearsal strategies; PowerPoint techniques; team acting roles; what to do in a credentials presentation.


The seminar includes 40+ pages of detailed, comprehensive written explanations and action plans about everything we discuss so your firm can immediately implement.


Post-seminar consulting: 45 days


Following the seminar you can contact Robb High “24/7” by phone or email – as often as you want – for 45 days to discuss anything of interest, for example:


           The seminar recommendations and how to implement them

           Strategies for responding to actual RFP’s you receive

           Strategies and ideas for new business presentations/pitches that come up

                      Matters relating to organization, hiring, succession, merger and/or sale


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